Dusk 20: Reniy

nostalgic words of future me

It’s Morenike’s turn on the roulette. Give it up for the madame…


November 2014.

I’m all dressed up. It’s a big day. It’s the start of the rest of my life. I look lovingly at my shiny new blonde wig and smiled softly. It took me six long years to earn the privilege of wearing it. Pity I’m not going to make a habit of it.

My phone rings. It’s my mother. She must be done already. “Hey Mom, what’s up?” She unleashes the prayers and as I respond appropriately, a wave if gratitude and relief washes over me. Where would I be without her? Today is a big day for her as much as it is for me. Today is the day I become a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Present day.

I’m not big on New Year Resolutions. So obviously, I have none…

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Icarus – the Finale

This is amazing. You should read the rest of the series.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the finale of Icarus. It seems fitting that the first day of this year should be the last day of the series, fitting but not right. This finale has been pending for weeks and I must apologize. I have a bevy of excuses none of which I will bother to mention because you guys deserve better.

Before today’s post (which is rather short) I would like to do a quick recap of my 2013. Of the trio, Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding I have always been fascinated with the third, often overlooked but necessary for the others to be of any use.  

This year I walked that path to understanding and along the way I met beautiful people, learned more about a few I had known before. I even managed to some extent to get a handle on myself, and while I have some growing to do…

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Yes, it’s that time again, so well, here I am with a goodbye to my 2013.
Wow. 2013 is one year that’s gonna leave a lasting impression on me. I have no individual recollection of my university years, in fact I’m gonna have to divide my university years into year 5 and all other years.

It was crazy this year, so many crazy things I’ve happened, things I’m definitely not gonna post on here (for reasons of my political ambitions and the like). But I have to say this year stretched me out. I reached my happiest and craziest this year. I should probably make an account like list the things that I remember and that I’m comfortable with, you know what?

That’s what I’m gonna do actually. It is my blog after all. I’d like to be able to look on this digital diary years down the line and smile at the things in my past.

Well, this year, I moved into the hostel for the first time, in case you didn’t know I’m the only child of an overprotective mother, so ‘living large’ has been sort of a struggle. So well, I moved into the hostel, for the first time, in my final year, in January 2013 and I was determined to go crazy and have fun, and that’s exactly what I did. Between January and August when I moved back home, I did all sorts of stuff and went to all sorts of places, I was single for most of the year so I really had nothing holding me down. I’m sure my mother would have woken up sometimes in the dead of the night breaking out in a sweat, and not have known why, it was because of me. I met crazy people, weird people, and downright creepy people. The limits of my mind have been stretched, and I sincerely doubt that I could get any more open minded.

I met Dimeji Belo this year, and that’s a relationship I’m yet to get over. Hilarious incidents, annoying ones, and those ones that put you in a red haze of anger. They were all there. Things that are so ridiculous that you can do nothing but become amused. The relationship was full of those.

My roommates in uni, S007 Fagunwa hall were amazing. Really. They were. I think the only folks that are up to par with them are my current roommates. You guys, Amaka, Tope, Efe and err Ada. They were amazing. Most of my adventures were with Efe tho, but more on that later. They were more than roomies, they were friends, sisters even. We slept together (err, on different beds), ate together, laughed together, prayed together and we were there for one another. I wouldn’t have chosen any other set of people to have lived those 8 months with. Efe Imiruaye, Amaka Ajanma, Tope Idowu, you guys are the bestest.

Then of course, the folks that put the crazy in my year, the Bermuda Triangle, Efe, Rotimi and Jide. You guys are the craziest. Had so much fun with you guys. Did so many crazy things. I look back now, and I’m just like mehn, how did that happen? There was no chill please. Too many adventures, tok many encounters. We met the weirdest people. Y’all remember a certain being with the Louis Vuitton name? Yeah. That was too live. It was fun guys. It was amazing. It was worth it knowing y’all.

With the Bermuda Triangle came many full stops in the middle. Jaiye, Deola, Kemi. You guys are awesome. It was amazing meeting y’all. Especially jaiye. You’re just an awesome person.

Wow, the last two people I’m gonna mention are people who are the real epitome of how a person who doesn’t mean so much you,a and then suddenly in the blink of eye, they’re practically your lifeline.
Tiwatope. We’ve been in the same class since year two, but it really wasn’t more than hey hey. This year, I don’t know what changed, when it changed or why it changed, what I just know is that I did. And now here we are, I don’t think two days pass where we don’t call one another or communicate somehow. More than a listening ear, a good friend. It’s true what they say, when you have the same experiences with a person it only serves to strengthen your relationship with that person. You’ve become so important to me this 2013 and I can only hope and wish that this thing that we have found, this relationship that has grown between us would take us into 2014 and beyond and would be the cornerstone for even greater things in our lives. Thank you babe.

Oladimeji Ojo. Author. Writer extraordinaire. We both started this year on the same page in different books. But today, the last day of the year, I think we’ve sorta compiled ourselves into one book. And that book is proving to be a very good read. They way we sorta crept into one another is amazing. It sorta reminds me of that story of the boiling frog, except ours has a better ending. You are an amazing person. The ultimate nice guy. The geek that should be a prototype for all geeks. You’re an island boy with the right mixture of smart and responsibility. I think you’re the scientific formula for husband material. We’d just keep that bit of information under wraps for a little while now. Won’t want to have a stampede now would we? You. Are. Amazing. I love you.

Of course, this isn’t gonna be complete without mentioning the regulars and all I can say is that I’m grateful that you’re in my life. The fact that you’re a regular in my life, that I know without batting an eyelash that you’re there for sure that you’re a phone call away is a testament to how much you hold sway in my life. Your importance to me cannot be underestimated. I sincerely hope you can say the same about me. Oluwamayowa Ajijola, Damilola Omoyeni, Obianuju Ayalogu. I love you guys. Thank you so much for being in my life.

Okay now I’m tired. This is why I specialise in series and poems abeg. I’m tired of typing and the inspiration ink has run dry. Good night y’all. See you in 2014.

Welcome to a new world

Great book written by a great writer.



Hi everyone and welcome to our world. Over the next 21 days we will be taking you on a journey through a brave new world. Everyday at midnight we will be sharing with you bits and pieces of the brand new novel by Oladimeji Ojo and other pieces written by this young fella. These short excerpts of the book will cover various aspects of life that we hope you recognize in yourself. They will be short, we dont want to give the whole story away, now do we? 😉

Today’s offering is our introduction to Monitored. Let’s see if you can guess what the story is about from reading these excerpts. On day 21, the first person with the closest guess gets a free copy. (Persons affiliated with Oladimeji Ojo and/or DDT Publishing House are excluded. Sorry guys). Enjoy and see you tomorrow

— O.O

“Almost every one is aware…

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The Countdown

My body is detached from pain

My heart and flesh are not of one accord

But yet my pain is endless

And my joy non existent

My heart is overburdened

And happiness flees my soul

Crystal ice is my companion

A throbbing head my succour

I want relief from this pain

I want out of this torture

I want to crawl out of the darkness,

But gravity keeps pulling me back

I see light just beyond my reach

Silently mocking me

Its taunting jeers are my lullaby

As I once again beg for death

To take me

And release me

To lift me from this eternal abyss

But alas no one hears my cry

Not even death is merciful and kind

As I plead and beg to be released.

My countdown to life begins

To light

And love

And all things nice

But my heart is weary

And my flesh is weak

Im tired of trying

And I’m sick of fighting

I don’t think I’d make the last day


The Writer Parody

Hello everyone,

I guess we all know about The Writer competition that’s going on at http://www.thenakedconvos.com yes? Well, if you haven’t heard of it, then you are officially a LASTMA official, and you should hurry to http://www.thenakedconvos.com/thewriter   asap, and while you are there, let me mention that Obi J and Tipsy Filly are both friends to this blogger, so you know what to do when you get there right? You don’t? You vote of course! Come, how did you find my blog sef? Anyways, i’m supposed to be a part of those lucky ten, but procrastination killed my hopes. Starting from the TWO Competition to this The Writer one, I procrastinated till the very end. But anyway, hope is not lost. I have decided to do my own competition here for myself by myself on this my own blog. However, I’m going to have a friend join me on her own blog as we go on, so nottoworry, you’d get to see more than my own writing. So this is how its gonna go. I’m going to post a story up each week (amen) following the theme set by The Writer competition for that week. Cool eh? Yeah, I know. *wears cool shades*. B) So I’m kicking this off with the first theme Mothers. You;d see my post shortly. And before y’all kill me with comments, the only thing I’m taking from The Writer is the theme, none of the rules apply to me! Not the word limit, or time limit or any other thing. Okay then, here goes the post. See you on the other side!


Squealing and pale

Each breath taken

Discomfort to its insides

A gift from you to us

With so much love

A continuation of our being

An extension of ourselves

And a replica of what you are

We love you Mother,

Blood seeping into the ground

Beautiful and gruesome all at once

Loss and love in one breath

Cut down harshly

But taken with such softness

It belies what we see

We feel the hurt

But we know the strength it took

To take away even more pain

We love you Mother,

Bodies gyrating to an ancient rhythm                 

One of soul and love and covenant

The promise by blood

Made wordless, as one

A connection of mind and body and spirit

Functional and spiritual

Beautiful and pleasurable

A gift from you

To take us beyond ecstasy

We love you Mother,

The fragrance of bloom

The radiance of colours

Sweet sonorous sounds

Fearful noises of power

Inter dependent on one another

A combination of joy and fear

Love and hate                            

Born of one line, bound by one cord

Inexplicably linked

We love you Mother,

Hunter over prey

Prey over hunter

The will of the Supreme supersedes

As to which shall take the trophy

The crushing of the weak beneath our hands

The fall of the strong to become nothing

The crunch of bones to fill a belly

The hunter and the hunted

The hunted and the hunter

A never-ending cycle

Balanced by your grace

We love you Mother

Anarchy reigns supreme

Mothers children turn on one another

The struggle to rise

To see what lies at the top

Makes us forget who we are                                

And the cord that binds us#

The link that holds us

We trample on mothers head

And kill our mothers children

And then we cover ourselves with thin veils

To hide the truth of what we really are

We forget,

Oh we forget,

That mothers know all and see through all,

But she never takes offence

Oh, not mother,

Her provisions for us never stops                 

Her love for us never wavers

Thank you mother,

We love you Mother Nature.