clubbing: my somewhat controversial opinion

Hello ya’ll.

Yes, the topic of choice today is clubbing, oh yes I know, very interesting! ūüėČ
So let me deflate your balloons by saying straight up that I don’t like clubbing. Uh huh, I am a unilag law student and I actually said it in public, I don’t like clubbing ūüėź and I’m using the term loosely, I’m using the term to mean every “party that has d features of a club event” we all knw what that is, no need to beat about the forest.

I haven’t always felt this way, in fact when I was younger, it was d coolest thing to do, but I don’t know if its maturity as a person or as a Christian, or both, but I developed an aversion for it.

I just found it hard to wrap my head around the fact that I would go through the trouble of dressing up (which is a lot believe me), leave my house and go to a party just to let some guy- friend, foe or stranger- paw at my body!
Really, now it sounds ridiculous! And I wonder why it hasn’t always been that way!
About two months ago, I went for a wedding which had an after party which I attended. I felt so out of place! I was like a fish out of water, I eventually had to dance with my cousin (who is married and has a son btw) to pass the night! Smh, needless to say I’m not eager to have a recurrence!
But don’t get me wrong for a minute, I don’t condemn clubbing. If u wanna go clubbing, fine no big deal, I have a number of friends that go clubbing, and its fine, its your life and your body, so if yhuu fine with it, then warris my own now? But as for me, its not gonna happen!
So the next time yhuu ask me if I go clubbing and I say no, don’t assume its because I stay at home and not in school, (I find that downright annoying btw) its because I really don’t want to!

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Who says we don’t have gentlemen in naija???
Twice I have been in the brt and 2 guys have stood up for women 2 sit, (and no, neither was d 1st lady nor aged) while they stood! :D! I was impressed! The 1st was a hausa man, the woman was most likely middle aged, but by the time she got in 2 the brt, there wasn’t space, and she had 2 ‘take standing’ but of course, the hausa knight in shinning armour decided 2 save her from what would have undoubtedly have been a bumpy ride, I know from experience!

The second time, it was a dude who stood up 4 a woman who would probably be more than slightly above middle age.
Honestly, this just helps me realize that perhaps, not all nigerian men are ogres after all! And its not like these guys were particularly ‘polished’ or any thing of the sort, they were very normal, basic men!
So next time you see some a woman standing or in an uncomfy position, be a man n step up to the plate!

Hawkers fight back

I’m currently working with a firm on the mainland, and as I went home today, I experienced a sight that would probably be quickly forgotten by many, but which left me a sense that something is really wrong with the way we handle problems generally in our dear country, and that we obviously do not have our priorities in order!
As soon as I got on 3rd mainland bridge, I encountered traffic, which came as no surprise, as a matter of fact, I had my fifty naira, ready to call on the nearest hawker to buy mentos, however, all I saw were hawkers selling water, shortbread, ground nuts and what not, and none of the dudes that sell ‘p.k’ n other sweets(I have a veery sweet tooth! :D. While still keeping an eye out for my beloved mentos, I heard one of the street hawkers shout something unclear and all the others started running in a haphzard fashion across the road, not even checking for oncoming vehicles! A couple of them even dropped their wares in their rush to flee, and you could see so much gala on the bridge!

Apparently, I was not to see the last of them, as they came back still moving in that haphzard fashion across the bridge, but most of them without their wares this time. Apparently, the LASTMA officials were on around, hence the excitement!
However, to my surprise, the hawkers came back out(still running around the bridge) with an assortment of ‘weapons’! They had stones, bricks, wooden planks and metal bars! And they were headed¬†purposefully forward in the direction the LASTMA officials were said to be! Soon enough, they started throwing a couple of bricks towards them which was obviously to deter them from coming to harass them.
As my car moved away from the ‘armed’ hawkers i saw that not only were there LASTMA officials up front, there were also a couple of soldiers armed with guns! And they were heading in the direction of the hawkers! Alarmed, I looked back to realize, with relief, that the hawkers were also quietly but rapidly retreating. I have no doubt that if the hawkers had not retreated, those soldiers would have fired ‘warning’ shots at them!

And this leads me to wonder, are we really reduced to hunting other humans with guns in broad daylight because they dared to sell their wares on the bridge?
Do we really need such drastic measures?
Yes, I understand the need for a new lagos and uncluttered streets/roads is not a bad place to tackle it from , yes, I’m all for it, but at what expense?
Why build pretty flowers and have uncluttered roads, but what does it mean, what good does is do if the people are still hungry?? I’m sure the people would prefer an unfresh lagos with food on the table, than a fresh lagos that with starving people!
I’m not against the beautification et al, but you when displace people from the place where they earn their living, you must be prepared to provide an alternative, otherwise, your actions would simply create another set of problems in another area that you would have to tackle in due course! So whoever is in charge of clearing the streets, please make sure that yhuu have an alternative place or manner for them for them to earn a living, because they have to survive, along with their¬†dependents. Because as for me, I would prefer to have of people on the roads making some money for themselves to live on, rather than a, spotless bridge knowing full well that a whole lot of people had to sacrifice their daily bread so I can have an uncluttered highway!


Hello!!! This is Morenike Ademiju! (but most people know ¬†me as Reniy; not R-e-n-n-y, not R-e-n-i! but R-e-n-i-y!) A law student with a difference. Unilag n VF repping all the time ūüėČ ! This blog has actually ¬†been¬†up in my head 4 a veery long time, complete with posts, pictures n¬†even¬†some videos! but i never really got the inspiration to put it all down,¬†until¬†today at least, so here goes the¬†beginning¬†of my blog life. comments n posts are welcome, I generally¬†have a very “long” temper, but¬†there’s¬† an atomic bomb at the end of that so rope, so lets keep it happy in here!

Have no idea what my first real post is gonna be about so lets keep our fingers crossed. imma b writing about anything that catches my fancy so subject matter would e as variable as can possibly be!

Will try very hard not 2 make it my personal diary!

See ya”ll in a bit!