Hello!!! This is Morenike Ademiju! (but most people know  me as Reniy; not R-e-n-n-y, not R-e-n-i! but R-e-n-i-y!) A law student with a difference. Unilag n VF repping all the time 😉 ! This blog has actually  been up in my head 4 a veery long time, complete with posts, pictures n even some videos! but i never really got the inspiration to put it all down, until today at least, so here goes the beginning of my blog life. comments n posts are welcome, I generally have a very “long” temper, but there’s  an atomic bomb at the end of that so rope, so lets keep it happy in here!

Have no idea what my first real post is gonna be about so lets keep our fingers crossed. imma b writing about anything that catches my fancy so subject matter would e as variable as can possibly be!

Will try very hard not 2 make it my personal diary!

See ya”ll in a bit!





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