Who says we don’t have gentlemen in naija???
Twice I have been in the brt and 2 guys have stood up for women 2 sit, (and no, neither was d 1st lady nor aged) while they stood! :D! I was impressed! The 1st was a hausa man, the woman was most likely middle aged, but by the time she got in 2 the brt, there wasn’t space, and she had 2 ‘take standing’ but of course, the hausa knight in shinning armour decided 2 save her from what would have undoubtedly have been a bumpy ride, I know from experience!

The second time, it was a dude who stood up 4 a woman who would probably be more than slightly above middle age.
Honestly, this just helps me realize that perhaps, not all nigerian men are ogres after all! And its not like these guys were particularly ‘polished’ or any thing of the sort, they were very normal, basic men!
So next time you see some a woman standing or in an uncomfy position, be a man n step up to the plate!


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