There’s a lotta things that make us who we are, distinct n separate in our personalities. So many times, things will shake those personalities and leave us questioning who we really are and how strongly we hold on to our values.
I’ve done a things I’m not proud of, and so have yhuu, things I thought I would never do, I’ve given up on things I shouldn’t have, n I’ve left people I should have stayed with. Sometimes I look down the memory lane and wonder if I really was that girl that did all that, but hey, it is no other than yours truly.
Yes, there was a lotta things happening at that time, yeah, I was facing something different, buh those are just a thousand excuses and a thousand lies a cloak to shield myself from what really is.
But amidst all of these mistakes, and all of the drama, I know there’s some good in there that won’t sink, there may be a lot of things happening at once and a somewhat sketchy past, but all of that goes to define me, to help me understand who I am and help me get stronger. To understand that I can be a better person, and avoid a recurrence of past mistakes.
And one thing I’ve come to realise, that gets me through all these, is that though I’m not perfect, but someone loves me just the way I am.

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One thought on “Imperfection

  1. Okay…you so had to gbagaun!!!!! warris dis?

    **I’ve done a things I’m not proud of…**

    Who have you been walking with? #smh

    Well, you could let us into what you’ve been doing 😀

    Why do I suspect that ‘someone’ in the last is not your mum, but ‘flesh and blood’ and male ;D

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