Still Waters

The statement still waters run deep is one that has been popping into my head a lot these past few days. A lot of things have struck me, the predominant theme being that things aren’t always what they seem. A lotta times you see people and you assume you know what they are like and what they would feel, but really, sometimes you can be dead wrong. A lotta people have a lotta problems and for some a smile would hide it all. It takes a strong person to face hell in an aspect of ones life n still have a smile on at the end of the day. This past few days, I’ve come out with a few lessons and they are, that:
1. A hand of kindness should be stretched to everyone you can, don’t assume someone doesn’t need it, because they seem fine.
2. A smile can hide a thousand tears.
3. Never assume your problems are the worst, you’d always find some one with greater problems.
So people, as you step out, n live daily lives. Know that still waters run deep and what you see isn’t always what it seems.