Ode to 2011

I’ve started and discarded so many posts today, I’m sure my phone is rolling it eyes @ me right now. I’ve considered an epistle, I’ve considered a detailed account of my year, I’ve even considered silence! Buh I’ve come to realise that I didn’t make this journey alone, and without some people, I probably wouldn’t have made it, and it would be wrong if I didn’t acknowledge you in my life, so I’ve decided simply to make a list of people who have walked on my 2011 journey with me. Thank you for giving me a part of your life you would never get back and for making a difference to my life.
However, before I start listing, I’ve got to tell ya’ll that my mother comes first, over and above every other thing or person! Thank you for loving me mum, I’m eternally grateful!

P.S. This list is in no particular order. 😉

Mayowa Ajijola, my papiluluscocomamayo!
Seye Oginni, love you baby!
Uju Ayalogu, I want my chocolate digestives!
Yemisi Fancy, my ‘colleague’
Opeyemi Babalola, olubadan, thanks for being there.
Damilola Omoyeni, the wind beneath my papis sails 😉 !
Gbadura Oyelana, always and forever baby
Oke Avae, thanks for being here 😉
Ray Kharter Bhadm’z,yo ur gonna b a great writer someday!
Dimeji Ojo, I’m glad I’m going into 2012 with you!
Ololade Ogunwale, lollipop in more ways than one!
Bosipo Balogun, *coughs* *coughs*

Uh, if I didn’t mention your name, its not cause your not important, buh my mother is calling right about now, so I gotta go! Love u guys muchos! See ya’ll in 2012!



The Consequences of my Actions

Everything we do was considered by us. Maybe for a few moments, maybe for an hour, or maybe even for a split second. Whatever we do, are our own actions. And we must take responsibility for them. And for what I do now, I am responsible. The level of stupidity is wholesome mine, and the flagrant disregard for authority. Its my fault that I’m here in this situation, its my fault that. was has been done has been done, and I’m goin 2 hafta live wiv d consequences. If u wanna get sumn done, ir gonna hafta do it urself. N if u don’t want sumn done, its gonna b ur cuppa tea as well. I saw dis coming, really I did, n I still went ahead. Don’t I ever think of my actions? Don’t I ever consider steps before taking them? Why am I so selfish n inconsiderate in my thinking? Do I not know that the evils of today will haunt me tomorrow? I can’t help myself, I can’t save myself. The evil is done n d deed committed n I can but look forward n see what the breaking dawn brings.