The Consequences of my Actions

Everything we do was considered by us. Maybe for a few moments, maybe for an hour, or maybe even for a split second. Whatever we do, are our own actions. And we must take responsibility for them. And for what I do now, I am responsible. The level of stupidity is wholesome mine, and the flagrant disregard for authority. Its my fault that I’m here in this situation, its my fault that. was has been done has been done, and I’m goin 2 hafta live wiv d consequences. If u wanna get sumn done, ir gonna hafta do it urself. N if u don’t want sumn done, its gonna b ur cuppa tea as well. I saw dis coming, really I did, n I still went ahead. Don’t I ever think of my actions? Don’t I ever consider steps before taking them? Why am I so selfish n inconsiderate in my thinking? Do I not know that the evils of today will haunt me tomorrow? I can’t help myself, I can’t save myself. The evil is done n d deed committed n I can but look forward n see what the breaking dawn brings.



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