A Gift

To wake up in the morning, brush your teeth n take a bath……
To say good morning to your family and folks with a smile on your face……
To say genuinely to the people around you, ‘have a nice day’……
To go about your daily activities and moan about what a drag it is and how monotonous your life is……
To munch on a lil snack as u move and think about how u’d like to get a real meal wen u’ve got the time……
To go back home and get pissed off at the annoying mundane things that get done to you……
To fall asleep with plans of tomorrow all neatly laid out in your head……

…… That’s a gift.

As people we tend to take things for granted, we can move and we can talk n we can go to school or work and hang out with friends when we want to, its all not a big deal, its a way of life and its nothing special most times.
We go about our daily lives our daily activities almost as if its a grudging favour we’re doin to someone. But in reality what we have is special, yes, it is. The calm assurance that things would be the same tomorrow. Its a blessing, and that’s precisely why we take it for granted.
I’m not saying we don’t have issues, n I’m not saying our lives our perfect, but some people are out there who gladly take our troubles in place of theirs. There are some people out there who have burdens they really can’t bear.
My inspiration is from a movie, which is probably real cliché and all, but its a true life story that could have happened to any of us. The case of “Baniszewski vs the state of indiana in 1966”. But for those who prefer to watch its “An American Crime”. Its a crime committed by a seemingly normal person to a normal kid in a normal society. I don’t know why it touched me so bad, but it did. So please read that case or watch that movie, so you can feel what I felt, for a girl who could have been anyone. I’m sure some people would think hey, its a 1966 story big deal, tha was eons ago, but I’m sure you won’t have to look too hard to find people who are living under seemingly impossible situations. They live within us, amongst us, tirelessly bearing weights far heavier than they deserve, than anyone deserves, and life goes on, and passes them right by.
So when our folks annoy us and when we get bad grades in school and our boss just hates us in the office when we didn’t get the lovely phone we wanted for our birthday, let’s remember that there are people who are no worse than us, who are crippling and have crippled under the weight of their burdens, and be thankful for our relatively ‘normal’ troubles. And remember that the fact that we can face our troubles with a smile each day and look forward to tomorrow…….that’s a gift that some people don’t have.

P.s. If u want the movie, I can give it to u. But you might wanna have a box of tissues handy.



One thought on “A Gift

  1. Hmmm…we usually are appreciative of gift and use them as best as we can, especiallyso as to preserve it. The same we should do with the Gift of Life.

    Maybe I should watch it ;D

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