Squealing and pale

Each breath taken

Discomfort to its insides

A gift from you to us

With so much love

A continuation of our being

An extension of ourselves

And a replica of what you are

We love you Mother,

Blood seeping into the ground

Beautiful and gruesome all at once

Loss and love in one breath

Cut down harshly

But taken with such softness

It belies what we see

We feel the hurt

But we know the strength it took

To take away even more pain

We love you Mother,

Bodies gyrating to an ancient rhythm                 

One of soul and love and covenant

The promise by blood

Made wordless, as one

A connection of mind and body and spirit

Functional and spiritual

Beautiful and pleasurable

A gift from you

To take us beyond ecstasy

We love you Mother,

The fragrance of bloom

The radiance of colours

Sweet sonorous sounds

Fearful noises of power

Inter dependent on one another

A combination of joy and fear

Love and hate                            

Born of one line, bound by one cord

Inexplicably linked

We love you Mother,

Hunter over prey

Prey over hunter

The will of the Supreme supersedes

As to which shall take the trophy

The crushing of the weak beneath our hands

The fall of the strong to become nothing

The crunch of bones to fill a belly

The hunter and the hunted

The hunted and the hunter

A never-ending cycle

Balanced by your grace

We love you Mother

Anarchy reigns supreme

Mothers children turn on one another

The struggle to rise

To see what lies at the top

Makes us forget who we are                                

And the cord that binds us#

The link that holds us

We trample on mothers head

And kill our mothers children

And then we cover ourselves with thin veils

To hide the truth of what we really are

We forget,

Oh we forget,

That mothers know all and see through all,

But she never takes offence

Oh, not mother,

Her provisions for us never stops                 

Her love for us never wavers

Thank you mother,

We love you Mother Nature.


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