Icarus – the Finale

This is amazing. You should read the rest of the series.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the finale of Icarus. It seems fitting that the first day of this year should be the last day of the series, fitting but not right. This finale has been pending for weeks and I must apologize. I have a bevy of excuses none of which I will bother to mention because you guys deserve better.

Before today’s post (which is rather short) I would like to do a quick recap of my 2013. Of the trio, Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding I have always been fascinated with the third, often overlooked but necessary for the others to be of any use.  

This year I walked that path to understanding and along the way I met beautiful people, learned more about a few I had known before. I even managed to some extent to get a handle on myself, and while I have some growing to do…

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