The Writer Parody

Hello everyone,

I guess we all know about The Writer competition that’s going on at yes? Well, if you haven’t heard of it, then you are officially a LASTMA official, and you should hurry to   asap, and while you are there, let me mention that Obi J and Tipsy Filly are both friends to this blogger, so you know what to do when you get there right? You don’t? You vote of course! Come, how did you find my blog sef? Anyways, i’m supposed to be a part of those lucky ten, but procrastination killed my hopes. Starting from the TWO Competition to this The Writer one, I procrastinated till the very end. But anyway, hope is not lost. I have decided to do my own competition here for myself by myself on this my own blog. However, I’m going to have a friend join me on her own blog as we go on, so nottoworry, you’d get to see more than my own writing. So this is how its gonna go. I’m going to post a story up each week (amen) following the theme set by The Writer competition for that week. Cool eh? Yeah, I know. *wears cool shades*. B) So I’m kicking this off with the first theme Mothers. You;d see my post shortly. And before y’all kill me with comments, the only thing I’m taking from The Writer is the theme, none of the rules apply to me! Not the word limit, or time limit or any other thing. Okay then, here goes the post. See you on the other side!