The Countdown

My body is detached from pain

My heart and flesh are not of one accord

But yet my pain is endless

And my joy non existent

My heart is overburdened

And happiness flees my soul

Crystal ice is my companion

A throbbing head my succour

I want relief from this pain

I want out of this torture

I want to crawl out of the darkness,

But gravity keeps pulling me back

I see light just beyond my reach

Silently mocking me

Its taunting jeers are my lullaby

As I once again beg for death

To take me

And release me

To lift me from this eternal abyss

But alas no one hears my cry

Not even death is merciful and kind

As I plead and beg to be released.

My countdown to life begins

To light

And love

And all things nice

But my heart is weary

And my flesh is weak

Im tired of trying

And I’m sick of fighting

I don’t think I’d make the last day